1. Q – How much will HelpLate cost Members?
    A – HelpLate will be free to all Members. There will be no paid option.
  2. Q – How can you afford to keep HelpLate free?
    A – There will be an advertisement on a small portion of the App screen. The advertisement will never pop up over the top of the App or interfere with App use at any time.
  3. Q – Is HelpLate confidential?
    A – Yes, HelpLate is confidential. Emergency Contacts are only notified if you are late and don’t end an Activity. We will attempt to notify you first, as a reminder.
  4. Q – What happens if I forget to let HelpLate know that I made it home safe from an Activity?
    A – HelpLate will notify you 30 minutes before your Activity end time. This will allow you to End the Activity if you are safe, or extend your Activity if you are running late.