Chris developed the concept for HelpLate in 2019. He spent countless hours working on the idea with his son Adam. Both are lifelong outdoor enthusiasts.

What is HelpLate?

HelpLate is like a Trail Registry for everyday activities. You and your loved ones can have peace of mind knowing that a backup plan is in place, in case your activity does not go as planned.

HelpLate is designed to SAVE LIVES. Both everyday and special activities often have inherent risks. For instance, you might slip, or fall off a ladder, horse, bike, trail, or in the tub. Some people get lost or confused or put themselves in a position of risk. We don’t know all the times you might want to register an activity, but HelpLate is in standby for that one time when you really need help.

We strongly believe everyone should have access to this social welfare app, which is why our concept from the beginning has been for it to be free for everyone.